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Michael grew up in Montreal and attended the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design. After graduating he worked in animation, film striping, graphic design, and illustration. His early paintings were influenced by the realism movement of the 1970’s which was reflected in his watercolour, egg tempera figuratives and urban scenes.

He shifted to oil paint to open up and experiment, exploring this versatile medium he applied texturing, expressive brush and pallet knife techniques combined with many layers of transparent and light filled colours to create mood and feeling. This work alternated between nature scenes and abstractions.

Working in oil has influenced his classical figure drawings. Drawing the human form with pastels has opened up new possibilities with more colour and freer expression. He is working on a new series of oil paintings that combines the figure in nature, uniting the spirit of nature with the human spirit.

He explores these works in his studio in the Artists’ collective at Welch Street Studios.